Featured Artist: Angelina de Guzman

AE48.Spring2014.ADEGUZMAN_3 AE60.Summer2014.ADEGUZMAN AE50.Summer2014.ADEGUZMAN

This week we are featuring a student who has participated in the Pre-College program for the past two years! Angelina de Guzman has taken fashion, photography, illustration, and comic book classes to name a few. The first piece shown here was created in her Fashion Drawing class during the Spring of 2014. The other two pieces were created during the Summer of 2014. She created the second piece for the Painting: Still Life class. Last but not least, Angelina was inspired by Art Nouveau posters to design everything from accessories to clothes in her Fashion Design class.

“The pre-college courses I took were very challenging yet enjoyable and informative! I had a lot of fun learning and experimenting with different mediums and art styles. The instructors were great and very helpful. I feel that the courses are really helping me get ready for college and grow as an artist” -Angelina de Guzman

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