Featured Artist: Lillian Zhou

This week we get to hear directly from the artist about her summer experience! Lillian Zhou created the featured works for her Clothed Figure Drawing and Painting: Still Life classes in the Summer of 2014. Read on to learn more about Lillian’s projects.

Clothed-figure class final piece

“In this project (left), it was to gather all the previous lessons together. Learning to use the whole paper for a full body. Measuring for correct proportions and shapes, finding where the fold of the clothes would be on the figure but at the same time, find where the lights and shade were. I also have to keep in mind how thick or thin, smooth or hard the charcoal would be on paper while at the same time bring in my art style onto the art piece.

Painting Still life final piece

The painting (bottom right) was from a still life: painting class. This project was focused on a bird’s eye view. Looking at an image from above, I had to have an easel close to the object while I look down. I focus on painting the whole figure but at the same time try to make it look realistic. Using the warm colors for the brighter side and having more cool colors on the dark shaded areas. I had to focus really hard on where the light source is on the teddy bear and had to make sure the cast shadow was sharp and a darker shade than the background. As for the background, I wanted to make it a gradient feel as the colors shift from a warm to cool.” -Lillian Zhou

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