Featured Artist: Mimi McMillan

This week we have the pleasure of featuring artwork from a student who has participated in our Pre-College program for the past 3 years!

She has taken a wide variety of classes, ranging from Fashion to Photography, and worked in a variety of mediums.

Mimi is currently enrolled in our 2014 Fall Pre-College Program and taking Introduction to Illustration. We can’t wait to see what else she’ll create!


“It was really fun to draw Kate Moss for my charcoal portrait in Figure Drawing. I learned so much through the process about proportions and working with charcoal which was a new medium for me.”


“I took this photo as I was walking back from photography class. This biker came by all covered in flowers and I knew I needed to capture it. I didn’t have time to focus my camera, but I like the dreamy quality it gives it.”


“I’ve taken Fashion Drawing two years in a row I love it so much! These drawing are 10 minute poses with pen and ink and marker. I’ve been working on capturing the essence of a look through lines.”

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