Featured Artist: Tyler Schmalz


Before taking the classes, I wasn’t really sure how to produce professional quality work, but that quickly changed after the classes started. I took figure drawing, and still life painting. Both classes were a lot of fun, but the figure drawing class was my favorite because i’ve never really drawn the human figure before and was excited to learn something new. I liked how the first lesson of the class went over the very basics, such as how to care for your equipment and supplies, and then slowly progressed into more complex lessons such as the anatomy of the figure and how to draw it accurately. One of the most helpful things I learned was how to give and receive critiques. My teacher would write on the photo of my assignments and she would point out and write notes about what I should fix, which really helped me see what I needed to do to make my work better. In addition to learning how to receive critiques, the teachers also placed a lot of emphasis on learning how to give critiques, which helped me learn how to look at other peoples art and find out what they did that works and doesn’t work, and apply that to my own art. The online format was easy to use and understand, when you go into the class outline, all of the pages you need to read are all laid out, and everything is nice and organized which makes it easy to navigate. Overall, I really enjoyed taking the classes, I learned a bunch of new skills that helped me become a better artist, and it was also awesome being able to receive feedback from all the other artists.